JK Junior Containment
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JK Junior Containment

The JK Junior Containment is a self-contained unit that is easily installed on the wellhead, takes up a minimal amount of space and cleans up those unsightly, leaking stuffing boxes. 
The JK Junior is a wellhead containment unit that minimizes fluid leaks, polish rod and packing wear while maximizing cost effective savings on clean ups, spills and polish rod/packing replacements. 



The JK Junior Containment offers easy access for drainage and packing replacement. There is a high level switch which will shut down the well when the JK Junior Containment has reached full capacity. The dust cap located on top of the JK Junior Containment prevents rain water from seeping into the JK Junior, solving yet another issue on the wellhead. The dust cap and felt also act as a wiper on the polish rod, keeping it clean in the event of a packing leak. No more unslightly spills on the ground and no need for large environmental clean-ups. 

Polish rod and packing life expectancy is maximized through the JK Junior's self-lubricating system. This system uses a felt which not only lubricates the polish rod and packing, but also keeps high temperature, caused by friction, down by wicking oil up the felt. 

When the inner and outer rod stools are in line, the rod string can be set onto the JK Junior Containment during pump, rod or pump jack repairs. The JK Junior Containment can hold over 100,000 lbs. of weight. 

That is awesome
— Dave Bayerle, Malibu Construction, talking about how the JK Junior lid opens and closes



So if you are looking to save time, money and the environment, the JK Junior Containment is the solution for you! 



About JK Junior

It's a lot smaller than the original

The original JK Containment is designed as a one-piece, solid steel secondary containment system for wellsites. Large enough to handle two 1,000 bbl. tanks, it's simple to set up and not prone to leaks like a liner system.

The JK Junior takes that idea, and applies it to secondary containment for the stuffing box. It's also solid steel, and it's reservoir is one piece, not a wrap-around.